Cool Copper Collider

Novel concept for a future electron-positron collider

What is C3?

C3 is an advanced concept for a high energy e+ e- linear collider. The design leverages a cryogenic copper distributed-coupling accelerating structure to lower the operating cost and create an efficient, compact and cost-effective collider.

C3 - Cool Copper Collider

C3 Design

C3 is planned to run at 250/550 GeV center of mass to study Higgs boson's properties. C3 fits in an 8 km footprint. The energy upgrade is accomplished with only the addition of more RF power sources.

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A prototype version of the Cool Copper Collider.

Next Steps

Three white papers were submitted to explore this concept through the Snowmass process. The next steps for C3 include:

  • Main Linac R&D remains a significant focus over the timescale of the next P5
  • Develop and verify the performance of GeV cryomodules
  • Beamline dynamics, alignment and vibrations

The C3 technology has many applications for FEL's, Oncology, Cargo Inspection, electron sources, and industrial use.