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Neutrino Group
Welcome to SLAC neutrino group!

SLAC neutrino group is focused on neutrino experiments measuring accelerator-produced neutrinos, in particular the experiments based on the technology of liquid-argon time-projection chambers (LArTPCs).

Neutrino Physics

Neutrino Group

Accelerator-based Neutrino Experiments

We are a group of experimental physicists studying a property of elusive, ghostly particles called neutrinos, produced from a particle accelerator. Why is our universe dominated by matters (and very rare anti-matters)? Is there a new type of neutrino that could explain myterious signal observed by the past experiments? What's the physics behind supernova and how are neutrinos produced? Can we prove the Grand Unified Theory through a search of a proton decay? Our experimental programs aim to answer these intriguing questions using sophisticated particle imaging detectors and advanced data analysis methods including machine learning and statistical inference.

Neutrino Group

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